About 14(c)

What We Believe…

Our Position on Employment: The Galt Way

  • Individuals with disabilities should have access to every employment opportunity available to them. Full access to that opportunity should include informed choices, personal consent, and the freedom to seek and select an employment path.

  • Individuals with disabilities can, should, and do work in the community, earning industry standard wages alongside colleagues with and without disabilities.

  • The right person in the right job can change a life and improve a company. 

Fast Facts:

  • Galt employs nearly 1,000 people with disabilities each week.

  • Galt pays industry standard wages and 100% benefits.

  • Galt currently has 7 offices across 4 states.

  • Galt promotes career development.

  • 75% of Galt’s leadership have an identified disability.

Our Position on Sub-Minimum Wages and 14(c)

Galt believes in competitive employment and fair pay and our business model is built on this belief. We are well-positioned to be a resource to the National Council on Disability and other disability-serving entities seeking to understand a successful, integrated employment model that has never utilized sub-minimum wages.  As we expand opportunities in more states, Galt is eager to be a part of collaborative solutions: solutions that ensure all models are built on the freedom of choice; solutions that ensure reforms and/or repeals to the current system do not hurt the very people we seek to support; and solutions that will improve and empower the lives of people with disabilities.

  • Galt stands for competitive employment for individuals with disabilities.

  • Galt pays industry standard wages, workers compensation, medical, and additional benefits to all employees.

  • Galt believes in thoughtful reform of the current system in a way that protects and continues to provide services to people who cannot, or do not, wish to seek competitive employment. Part of these reforms should be the elimination of sub-minimum wages.

  • Galt holds a 14(c) certificate because it is a compliance requirement for state-use contracts in Oklahoma.

  • Galt does not, nor has it ever, utilize the 14(c) certificate to pay sub-minimum wages to our employees.  Galt does not hold 14(c) certificates in any other state in which the organization operates.

  • Galt believes in exhausting "employment first" models, which emphasize competitive employment and integration before resorting to work centers, and sheltered workshops.

  • Galt understands that competitive employment may not be realistic for every individual with a disability and alternative support services are critical. However, it is imperative to ensure that attitudinal barriers, lack of resources and information, and even fear of the unknown are not reasons for opting out of competitive employment.


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