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Galt Foundation provides, promotes, and expands employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

We Care

It's not easy doing what we do every day, and we choose our work for one reason: We care. We care deeply about every person having a chance to enjoy a full and productive life, free from stigma and prejudice. We care deeply about a world that is equitable, accepting, and full of opportunities. We are working for change every day – because we care.

We Are Change Agents

Galt Foundation is creating a new kind of workplace – the workplace of the future – where employers have more access to skilled and motivated workers, and people of all capabilities can find meaningful, sustaining work. Quietly, radically, we are transforming the world.

We Are Mission-Driven

Our cause is equity – our business model is completely sustaining. One hundred percent of our revenues are earned through the delivery of services and zero percent through donations – which means we succeed only when our clients are successful. It's an efficient, values-based model that benefits our organization, our employees, and our clients.