Important Notice: We’ve Updated Our Client and Field Staff Employee System

June 29, 2021

Galt Foundation has upgraded our time entry, time approval, billing, and employee system.

If you are a client, what does this mean for you? 

Starting July 2, 2021, you’ll be able to batch approve timesheets, assign two approvers, and easily access our new system, Web Portal, through your mobile device.

  • If you use our E-Time system to approve time today, you’ll receive an email from Galt Foundation starting July 2, 2021 with a link that will automatically log you into our new E-Time system, Web Portal. Please contact your Account or Staffing Manager for historical information if needed. Please be sure to approve all time in our current system by June 28, 2021.
  • If you don’t use our E-Time system today, now is your opportunity to sign up. Please contact your account or staffing manager to get started.
  • If you are a billing contact, you’ll receive a login email from Galt Foundation between the end of June through mid-July. With this change, there will be improved invoicing with clear payment terms going forward.

    Questions? Start with the Client Time Approval Quick Start Guide. Then contact your Account or Staffing Manager with questions.

If you are a field staff employee, what does this mean for you?

Starting June 28, 2021, you’ll use a new system called Workforce Portal to enter your Galt Foundation time and access your employee documents, such as your PTO and Galt Foundation Employee Handbook. You can access our new system using either your computer or your mobile device.

  • If you only use a non-Galt time clock system (such as Kronos) today, you will not need to make any time entry changes.
  • If you submit your time by paper or phone today, this is an opportunity to start using our new system.
  • If you enter your time in both Galt and client systems today, this only changes your Galt time entry system.
  • If you are assigned to more than one Galt client at once, you’ll see a timesheet for each client in our new system.

All Galt Foundation field staff, whether you use our E-Time system today or not, will be required to log in and enter your W4 and direct deposit information into our new system. If you are not using direct deposit today, this is an opportunity to start.

Questions? Start with the Field Staff Time Entry Quick Start Guide. Then contact your Staffing Manager with questions.

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